Saturday, November 28, 2015

The District

"In 1920, the Fresno Irrigation District (District) became the successor to the privately owned Fresno Canal and Land Company.  The District inherited over 800 miles of canals and distribution networks that were constructed between 1860 and 1890.  In addition to the canals, the District also retained extensive water rights on the Kings River.  The District receives a small amount of water from the San Joaquin River through the Friant Water Authority.
The District is made up of 245,000 acres of rich farmland and urban areas all within Fresno County.  Water from our infrastructures supplies the rapidly growing metropolitan areas of the City of Fresno and the City of Clovis. 
As the premier irrigation district in the Central Valley, the District has been involved in local, valley, and state-wide water issues.    The District is proud to be involved in programs such as the Kings River Fishery Management Program and a leader in developing groundwater banking facilities.  The District continues to strive to be the good stewards of surface and groundwater supplies to meet the needs of the agricultural, urban, and environmental requirements of our constituents and neighbors."