Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

My Your Our Water would like to take a moment to THANK all those who supported MYOW's journey to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Michael & Madelyn Adams
Catherine Daryl Sotak Adams
Richard App
Dorothy Ginley Bahm
Joanna Benton
Howard Berry
Nancy Lowery Bregar
Sonya Sotak Elling
Dave Gaidamavice
Jenny Gryniewicz
Karrie Hovey
Chris Jagmin
Sarah Kinney
Brian Lowery
Jenny Lowery
Mike McGreal
Suzy Mitchell
Ann Morton
Leslie Olds Nicola
Kip Patrick
Stan Rader
Carol Setler
Kym Showers
Shirley Snage
Connie Sotak
Cj Sotak
Alan Stillwell
Hollie Stenson
Bret & Cindy Ward
Kathleen Wedge
Jamie Yon