Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Stream of Life

 Michigan artist Sara Briggs-Grzegorski, created a community based project to raise awareness about water. It was no doubt that MYOW and Sara hit it off.  The Stream of Life is about protecting the Grand River and Lake Michigan. Sara, her 7th & 8th grade students and over 55 community volunteers designed and painted a gigantic mural in the parking lot of the Sixth Street Bridge Park in Grand Rapids, MI.  This amazing group of individuals created a stunning and instructive mural. This group most graciously painted MYOW in the mural as it floats by the bridge. Thank you for this priceless inclusion.

"This large-scale mural shows how rainwater flows over the ground, goes down storm drains, and ends up in the river. As the water flows, it picks up pollution from any surface it touches (soil, pet waste, fertilizer, litter, grass clippings, oil, and more). If this pollution reaches the river, it can make humans sick, harm fish and birds, and reduce the quality of this amazing river. We need your help to make sure pollution stays out of the river. " Sara Briggs-Grzegorski