Thursday, September 10, 2015

On the Horizon

"This image is from a family trip to Monterey, CA. The different shades of blue in the ocean and the sky can almost be broken down into linear strips of color that blend into one.  Like the ocean and the sky, people are all different "shades of blue" - we come from different lifestyles, backgrounds, belief systems, cultures yet we blend together . But, when I look at this image I took standing on the beach with my family, I think, the human eye can only see  a few square miles of water when looking at the horizon yet the ocean extends across the earth. It's true expanse is far larger than we can focus. It reminds of how often I limit the scope of  focus only to that which I can see  and I easily forget the to look beyond the water horizon to the greater story. There are 7 billion other people on earth. This photograph serves as a reminder that we don't need to only focus on the water we can see around us, meaning our own problems, but we need to always remember the water we don't see." 

This image was submitted by Leslie P. from CA.