Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pine Flat Dam

" Growing up in the Central Valley the California drought is hard to ignore. This past summer has been disappointing because a lot of the crops, lakes, rivers, and canals have been drying out. However on this particular day the lake was full of life. There were fish in the water and a steady stream was pulling them along. It was as if the drought hadn't ever effected us. I will never forget how plentiful the cool water was or how even the trees surrounding the lake stood tall and green and lush. My friends and family were able to play and fish without a care in the world, and I'm thankful that we had such a grand lake to experience that in. Having lived the beauty of that day, I remain hopeful that things can get better and one day it really will be as if the drought hadn't effected us at all. "

This was submitted by Alyssa A. from  CA.