Friday, September 9, 2016

Port of Oakland 

"The Port of Oakland (established in 1927) loads and discharges 99% of the goods for Northern California,the nation's fourth largest metropolitan area  .From here they go on rail directly at the marine terminals.It is a world class hub. In 2015 it received the megaship Benjamin Franklin, the biggest cargo ship ever to come into the United States.
Currently, 73,000 jobs depend on the port.  Oakland's cargo volume makes it the fifth busiest container port in the United States  Located on the mainland shore of San Francisco Bay, one of the great natural harbors of the world, Oakland was among the first ports globally to specialize in the intermodal container operations which have revolutionized international trade and stimulate the global economy.
California's three major container ports carry approximately 50 percent on the nation's total container cargo volume."
                             This was submitted by Susan M. from Oakland, CA
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