Thursday, February 4, 2016

Water in Michigan

My Your Our Water traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan in September of 2015. The sign was installed in the Grand River off the 6th street bridge and the Trike was seen along the riverwalk. MYOW participated in  the Annual Mayors' River Cleanup, environmental parade and numerous conversations about water issues. Since that fall visit, local Michigan water issues have finally garnered national attention. The Flint water crisis has taken the water stage. the town of approximately 100,000 has been drinking lead contaminated water since the Emergency City Manager switched the city from water supplied by Detroit from Lake Heron to water pulled from the Flint River. As this nightmare unravels, more and more information has come to light that the local and state government was aware of the water issues and failed to act. A refresher of the issues can be found at the Washington Post