Saturday, February 13, 2016

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a growing population of over 4.3 million people with approximately 60% of that number living in the urban areas. The country has worked over the last decade to expand the coverage of water services to the non-rural areas.  According to an article in the Costa Rica Star in 2012,
"Costa Rica’s water access systems are very close to the world average. A recent report from the nation’s water laboratory indicates a 90% coverage rate of potable drinking water...San José is the province with the most coverage (92.1%), followed by Heredia (88.1%), Cartago (82.6%), Alajuela (78.1%), Puntarenas (77.5%), Guanacaste (76.2%) and Limon (76.0%)."

" I love water and it's different uses from practical to recreation. I am enjoying the beautiful water falls of Costa Rica on vacation and feeling adventurous. "

This was submitted by Katrina G on vacation in Costa Rica from California.