Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Arizona Water Banking Authority 

 "The Arizona Water Banking Authority (AWBA) was created in 1996 to protect Arizona’s Colorado River interests and to provide for interstate banking opportunities. The primary functions of the AWBA are: to provide a stored reserve of water to communities dependent on the CAP during times of drought on the Colorado River; to assist Colorado River communities during times of shortage by providing water exchange mechanisms; to replenish depleted aquifers with CAP water to meet water management goals; and to provide a pool of water for use in Indian water rights settlements. The AWBA can also contract with similar authorities in California and Nevada to allow these states to annually store unused Colorado River water in Arizona. In the future, Arizona users can recover (pump) the stored water (less a 5% “cut to the aquifer”) and the interstate partner will draw a similar quantity directly from the Colorado River. The AWBA, the in-lieu recharge program and CAP pricing structures for agricultural users have promoted CAP utilization since the mid-1990s." Information about the Water Banking Authority is found at www.