Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Creek in Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek is a tributary of the Verde River and is one of the few perennial streams in the high desert of northern Arizona. It runs through Oak Creek Canyon which is a stunning river gorge located between Flagstaff and red rocked Sedona. It is part of the Coconino Forest and home to Slide Rock State Park.

The water is cold, fast, magnificent. The banks are lined in Fir, Pine, Cypress, Juniper, Alder, Cottonwood, Sycamore and of course countless mighty Oak.

You may wonder what does Oak Creek have to do with my coffee or your bath or our lemonade?  Simply, as part of the Verde River watershed, what happens there happens here. As part of the interconnected water community, natural and unnatural events in one area can effect water flow or water quality in another area.