Wednesday, October 29, 2014

From Lake Michigan to the Desert

Last Saturday was the first Scottsdale Farmer's Market of the season and of course the Trike made an appearance.  I had the opportunity to talk with many marketeers about water, weather and "what-have-you". 

This is Anil, aptly wearing his "support local" t-shirt and charming Sheree. They are fresh transplants from Chicago. They interrupted their fresh tamale and fruit cup breakfast to engage in a conversation about My Your Our Water. Coming from a lakefront landscape with knee deep snow drifts to a 90 degree October can be a Halloween treat but the lack of obvious water can be a little "spooky". Their fears were eased upon hearing about the series of reservoirs, dams and canal systems that make a bountiful life truly possible in this arid region.

Welcome to the desert, it was delightful meeting you both!