Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Water Heater Escapade

This charming couple were on their annual vacation to Breckenridge. They spend about a week in Breck either in Spring or Fall depending on their schedule. This dynamic duo, Dick and Flo have lived in Colorado Springs for over 27 years. They've watched the city grow and change and with it the city's water needs have shifted. As a result, there is a good deal of monitoring of water usage. On a side note, the growing of certain medicinal plants uses a fair amount of water. which is often a tip off to authorities. As mentioned, Dick and Flo, like to travel. While away on one extended trip their water heater busted and continued to leak water for the duration of their absence. To their shock, not only did they return to a watery mess but to an inquiry from the water authorities as to their sudden "increased water usage". The running joke, is that these two are now on a secret water watch list for possible "growers". It was an absolute delight to swap stories with this couple and to serendipity to run into them for a second time outside of the Welcome Center along the Blue River.