Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Bit of Naturalist History 

In an attempt to learn more about the history of the Town of Breckenridge, MYOW made a stop at the Edwin Carter Museum. It was here that MYOW not only learned about the famed naturalist/ taxidermist who sought to point out the dangers of mining and the effects it was having on the wildlife but MYOW had the chance to talk with Sherrie. Once upon a time she lived south of Breckenridge in Blue River where she had her own well. The quality of water was delightful. "You never know how good your water is until you travel somewhere and you can taste the water. Our water is so good it doesn't have a taste." Now, Sherrie lives in the Town of Breckenridge, and her water comes through the water treatment plant. She says, "the water is still fabulous". 
(Sorry about the way the water tasted during your last visit to Arizona. Thanks for the history lesson!)