Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Where the Winter Summers"

It was by far the coldest triking morning of the season. I must confess to even wearing white gloves. It was on this terribly cold morning that we had the pleasure of meeting Jim, wearing shorts, on the Crosscut Canal at the start of his long bike ride. Jim is a native to Arizona and is well versed in canal history and anecdotes of water skiing on the canal behind a '59 Oldsmobile. As a previous marathon runner, he was even able to give the mileage of canal path distances!  Jim also shared the history of the neighboring area that was once home to the Luxury Ingleside Inn built in 1909  by William J. Murphy to woo cold tourists from the snowbound east to a warm west winter filled with horses and sunshine. Hope you had a great bike ride and your legs weren't cold!